11 Assurances of Shirdi Sai Baba

  • The wretched and miserable will rise to joy and happiness as soon as they climb the steps of the mosque
  • I shall be ever active and vigorous even after leaving this earthly body.
  • My tomb shall bless and speak to the needs of my devotees.
  • I shall be active and vigorous even from my tomb.
  • My mortal remains will speak from my tomb.
  • I am ever living to help and guide all who come to me, who surrender to me and who seek refuge in me.
  • If you look to me, I look to you.
  • If you cast your burden on me, I shall surely bear it.
  • If you seek my advice and help, it shall be given to you at once.
  • There shall be no want in the house of my devotee.

Category: Other Articles Volume 02/ Issue 12

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    By: B.S. Krishna Murthy The story of Savitri and Satyavan, when told to me as a child, ended with the lesson, “So great was her devotion to her husband that she was able to win him back even from...
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    Hanuman’s Loin Clothes

    By: Smt.Sunanda Ananth One morning, Nanavalli and his friends all dressed as monkies trouped into Sai Baba’s presence. Nana Saheb and Chandorkar were doing ‘parayan of Sundarkhand.  Dada Khelkar raised a question related to Hanuman. The context relates to...
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    By: D. Sankaraiah Sai Baba used to get angry at religious conversions.  He used to ask – “Have you changed your father?” Sanatan dharma is the homage of divinity to itself as per Sai Maharaj. It is Sanatan, eternal,...
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    Let Krishna be Your Festive Guide

    By: Ramaswamy Seshadri Like a full moon in the darkness of the night, Bhagwan descended among us over 5,000 years ago and still lives in our hearts as love, beauty, and good culture as Sai Maharaj. In Sai Krishna,...
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    Inspiration For A Life of Wisdom

    By: Rajeshwari Somasekhar Nana Saheb Chandorkar recorded in a letter to Kaka Dixit on 15th March 1915   about Mother Radhakrishna Mai, a young widow who was living on her own at Shirdi. She was making tea one morning...
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    Baba as ‘Chandrachud’ for Chandrayan

    By: Dr G R Vijayakumar Sai Baba was worshipped all over the world for the success of Chandrayan III.  We worship Shiva, who is also known as Chandrachud, because a crescent moon adorns his matted locks, as crowning glory....
  • Sai Baba Is Mahakala

    Sai Baba Is Mahakala

    By: C.S. Dinesh Sai Baba identified himself with Brahma Vishnu and Maheshwara. “I am mighty Maha Kala, the eternal Time-spirit, the destroyer of the worlds. I am out to exterminate these people. Even without you all those warriors, arrayed...
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    Sai Baba’s Approach In Pursuit of Happiness

    By: Suresh Chandra Gupta When we read Sai Satcharita and read and re-read Sai Baba’s assurances, compared to the Draft by Thomas Jefferson, on America’s Declaration of Independence unwittingly we find a disservice when it uses the phrase, “life,...
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    Pray To Sai Baba For One Goal

    By: Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji When we begin to walk the spiritual path, we try to lead our lives in a way that we can fulfill the purpose for which we were sent to this world. While the scriptures teach...