11 Assurances of Shirdi Sai Baba

  • The wretched and miserable will rise to joy and happiness as soon as they climb the steps of the mosque
  • I shall be ever active and vigorous even after leaving this earthly body.
  • My tomb shall bless and speak to the needs of my devotees.
  • I shall be active and vigorous even from my tomb.
  • My mortal remains will speak from my tomb.
  • I am ever living to help and guide all who come to me, who surrender to me and who seek refuge in me.
  • If you look to me, I look to you.
  • If you cast your burden on me, I shall surely bear it.
  • If you seek my advice and help, it shall be given to you at once.
  • There shall be no want in the house of my devotee.

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  • A Thought to Dwell on

    A Thought to Dwell on

    Mhalsapati was a great devotee of Sai Maharaj but still, he had to face his wrath. In 1917 Baba had asked Abdul to stay at Chavadi but he crossed over to the Majid and Mhalsapati was aware of it....
  • A Dip into Vishnu Sahasranama – 28:  Sahasranama Leads You To ‘Be A Karma Yogi.’

    A Dip into Vishnu Sahasranama – 28: Sahasranama Leads You To ‘Be A Karma Yogi.’

    By: Seetha ‘Priya’ Karma is the prime mover and shaker in our lives. So how can one say, ‘Why bother about karma, when everything is written?’ Your destiny is tied to your karma — the Divine law of cause...
  • Kaka Dixit’s Diary

    Kaka Dixit’s Diary

    SITA’S SACRED DEFIANCE Das Ganu, Dhumal, and Booty were away from Shirdi to make a pilgrimage to Prayag, Gaya, Ayodhya, and Varanasi. After their return, they shared their experiences. Baba was delighted to learn they were paying homage to...
  • When I Was in Deep Slumber

    When I Was in Deep Slumber

    By: Sai Raghu When I was in deep slumber Sai Maharaj comes stealthily, Catching hold of my hand makes me scribble some words. And when I wake up And read what has been written, I am lost in myself....
  • Mystics and Saints

    Mystics and Saints

    By: Shreyas Devaraj Nawab Mohammed Yusuf Ali Khan A Sai devotee who was regarded as a thinker, poet, and mystic with clairvoyance. He was employed as a Section Officer in the Poll Panel in the Andhra Pradesh Legislature and...
  • Lead Me From Reality to the Truth

    Lead Me From Reality to the Truth

    By: Sri Narasimha Swamiji Sai Maharaj lived at Shirdi physically up to 1918 and from his ‘samadhi’ he is blessing all eternally. In his life, three short lines have packed quite a punch, as in the Brihadaranyak Upanishad 1:3:28:...
  • Sai Baba Pinpoints ‘Maya’ in a Dream Vision

    Sai Baba Pinpoints ‘Maya’ in a Dream Vision

    By: Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji   I visited Baroda sometime in 1975 or so. My hosts took me to Baroda Zoo. Earlier on the previous day I had a dream, in which I saw a padlocked, wooden gate in the...
  • IshAvaAsya Mantra #19

    IshAvaAsya Mantra #19

    || ōm̐ śrī gurubhyō namaḥ hariḥ ōm̐ || Mantra #19 The prayer that started in Mantra #15 continues. Following the prayer in the previous mantras, here Parabrahman that is in praṇava, is prayed to. उपनिषत्‌ upaniṣat ॐ क्रतो स्मर...
  • Jain Monks Visit Shirdi

    Jain Monks Visit Shirdi

    By: Paras Mal Jain A group of Jain monks from Ahmednagar on their way to Kopergaon visited Shirdi. They did not enter the mosque but offered their salutations to Sai Maharaj from outside. The monks were surprised when Sai...
  • From Pickle to Perfection

    From Pickle to Perfection

    By: C V Srivalli Baba had great affection towards Laxmibai, the wife of Ganesh Srikrishna Khaparde, a famous lawyer from Amaravathy. He used to call her Mother Khaparde and told her how she was connected to him in different...